Multimedia compact discs and videos open up a new world of marketing for our clients. By using an inexpensive CD (cost is as low at 20 cents each), you can allow your customers to browse through your entire showroom or inventory without making them leave their home. At their leisure, your customers can repeatedly compare colors or styles of anything you offer and not have that rushed feeling they might have in a store near closing time. We use digital cameras and video cams to bring your products in vibrant color right to the customer at a price that can be comparable to that of a four-color brochure. You can loan out the CDs or simply give them away.

Videos are a great way to reduce the time that many service awards banquets have required in the past. At Charlotte Regional Medical Center in Punta Gorda, FL, we were able to reduce the time of their service awards banquet from four hours to two, but the best part was that the employees enjoyed the banquet immensely and even took their individual copies of the video to work so their co-workers could see it also. We allowed the directors to choose whether to spend the allotted 45 seconds per awardee themselves or let their staffs be included. This resulted in a great deal of positive input from many of the hospital's employees and quite a variety of clips. We included an introduction, scrolling list of awardees, and an amusing finish to bring the whole video together.

Whatever it is that you want to do with multimedia, chances are we can exceed your expectations.

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